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Host families

What is a host family?

The Coastal Plain League attracts some of the most talented college baseball players from across the nation, and we will need homes for approximately 30 players each season. These college baseball players cannot be paid for living expenses and other costs. It requires summer leagues such as the CPL to use host families, who play a critical role in the success and in the lives of these athletes, to house their players. Players come from all over the U.S. to pursue their dream and Host Families help this happen. Host families are a wonderful baseball tradition and play a vital role in the acclimation of young ballplayers into their new communities! Come join our family, you will be glad you did!

Benefits as a Host Family

Season Tickets

Each host family will receive season ticket for all home games at Hooker Field at Lou Whitaker Park for the household.

Private Events

Throughout the year, the Martinsville Mustangs hosts various private events, and each host family have access to attend.


At the final home game of the season, each host family received on-field recognition from their committment and support for the players.


Rewarding opportunity to build a life-long relationship with your host player.

Become a host family


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